Water-base paint technology

Magnolia water-base paint technology

Around Sep. 2011, the company improved existing paint process and adopted water-base environment-friendly paint. The environmental characteristics of water-base paint are well known within the industry. Water-base paint is a new high-tech product, not only featuring ordinary protection and decoration, but also composing 70-90% of water which is human and environment friendly and contains no harmful substances, such as organic solvent, methanal, benzene, dimethylbenzene, heavy metal, etc.

Thus it is extensively favored by people instead of traditional paint, and it has been widely used in Europe and America and other developed countries. However, as it is more expensive than common paint, and has high demands on coating process and finishing equipment, thus the paint is rarely used by domestic furniture factories. Water-base environment-friendly paint is odorless, non-pungent, non-toxic and environment-friendly, free of benzene and other harmful solvents or free TDI (toluene diisocynate). (No dimethylbeneze·benzene·methanal and other specified 14 harmful substances shall be used during production) Work environment in the workshop of the company shall reach the leading level of domestic furniture enterprises.

Waterborne China Platform brings waterborne technology and furniture manufacturers closer

Waterborne China
Platform brings
waterborne technology and furniture
manufacturers closer

At the end of 40s of last century, Europe began to use water as solvent to develop waterborne alkyd resin. Since then, from automotive paint, electronic products, machinery and equipment, furniture both indoors and outdoors to cabinet productions, the more green and environmental waterborne technology has got more and more attention from all walks of life.

In the developed countries in Europe and America, waterborne technology has been widely used and recognized. For example, IKEA, the biggest global furniture manufacture, is the pioneer and actively promoter to apply waterborne paint. In the past ten years, IKEA, has pushed forward the changes from solvent-borne to waterborne paint constantly. However, in China, unpopular environmental awareness, lacking of laws and regulations, the prejudice and scruple the furniture manufacturers have to the waterborne productions and the weak public awareness, all the phenomena make it hard to promote waterborne paint and the rate of using waterborne paint in the industrialize furniture manufacture is less than 2%.

Under the background, the famous raw material suppliers and paint products both in home and abroad including DSM, Bayer, Sherwin-Williams, Alberdingk and Lubrizol have formed into a non-profit trade organization spontaneously—Waterborne China Platform. On the one hand, it is hopeful for us to accumulate industrial strength to promote the laws and regulations, which is drafted by the industry and government. On the other hand, the manufacturers devote themselves to constructing a platform, where they can get the knowledge and technology of waterborne productions from.

Waterborne paint is not only friendly to our environment

Waterborne paint, which uses water as diluents, can decrease more VOC content and be more friendly not only to the environment, but also to the workers and users than solvent-borne. This is why the waterborne paint is acclaimed by the countries in Europe and America, where people have stronger environment awareness. Moreover, it is not the only advantage of waterborne paint.

First, waterborne paint is safer. Waterborne paint, for using water as diluents, can decrease more fire risks than traditional solvent-borne from production, transportation to application. To factory managers, there will be less cost they put in safety grounds.

Second, waterborne paint is a nameplate to reflect the value of the brand. The customers now are paying more and more attention to the health threat, which are hiding in life. Besides the design style, using functions and furniture substrate, the problems, including the flavor of the furniture, the formaldehyde content, the content of heavy metal and so on, are achieving more and more attention from the public. However, the furniture using waterborne paint can eliminate the worry of the customers and benefit to the production itself. At the same time, it can formulate a brand image taking more responsibilities for the customers.

Whether to use waterborne paint, will be a important proof to judge the quality of the furniture some day.

It is not meaning a high cost to use waterborne technology

The promoting of waterborne paint in China’s market is not satisfactory, in some degree, which is related to the consideration from the manufacturers for the cost. But actually it is a misunderstanding.

On the one hand, the changing from oily technology to waterborne technology really needs a reform of working place and equipment, however, it is not a high cost. The key to solve the problem is to find a appropriate way, that means not only to supply superior paint products but also to supply the professional advice for reforming the production lines and worker training, which will make a perfect matching result. In Waterborne China Platform, there are famous paint suppliers including Sherwin-Williams, Nippon and Bauhinia and equipment suppliers such as Exel. Then it can create a technology cooperate platform without barriers.

On the other hand, furniture mills are paying all their attention to the comprehensive cost. It will improve production efficiency and save the paint consumption and labor cost if we match the characters of waterborne paint with equipment technology (such as automatic painting and paint recycle systems). Under the conditions, the comprehensive cost will not improve, contrarily, it will be less than solvent-borne in many cases.

Waterborne China Platform, is not only devoting to supply paint manufacturers with the most appropriate raw materials and skill guidance, but also concentrating on helping all the furniture manufacturers to eliminate the scruple before applying waterborne paint and the problem they meet in the process of solving the application.

In the midmonth of July this year, Waterborne China Platform with Chinese Edition of Furniture Today will hold Waterborne Furniture Summit in Shenzhen. At that time, there will be a lot of members of Waterborne China Platform coming to provide the most professional waterborne solutions for the manufacturers. There also will invite waterborne reforming pioneers, including Baiyulan and Alexandria ect., to share their experience with all participants.

The introduction of Waterborne China Platform

Waterborne China Platform was established in July, 2009. It is a non-profit organization that is made by paint raw material suppliers, paint manufacturers and China National Offshore Oil Corporation Changzhou Paint Research Institute of chemical industry.
The office is set in Shanghai, China.

All the members now are including Alberdingk, DSM, Bayer, Sherwin-Williams, Deuchem, Lubrizol, Altana, Byfine, Bauhinia, Buhler, Clivia, China National Offshore Oil Corporation Changzhou Paint Research Institute of chemical industry, CPS, Cytec, Eternal, Future, Greco, HC, Hexion, Lamberti, Nanxin, Nanpao, Nippon, Perstorp and Dego. We wish there will be more enterprises to participate in us, which have enough social responsibilities. Through cooperating with each other, we can endeavor to realize our desires that waterborne technology will lead to a green future.